Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Genuine Key Lime Pie

I'm not sure if it was all the peas I picked (and shelled and blanched and froze and ate) or the pukey kid.  But I was feeling kind of GREEN today.  So instead of napping or showering (or napping) at nap time this afternoon, I decided to put those key limes I bought on sale earlier in the week to good use.  Really I just needed to zone out a little. 

I mostly followed The Pioneer Woman's recipe that you can find here, except that the snob that I am had actual key limes!  Lucky me! 

Until I realized how many of these thumb sized babies I would have to juice to get the required half cup of citrisy goodness.  Is it just me or do key limes smell like Trix cereal???

Here's my not so perfect graham cracker crust.  I crushed the crackers the old fashioned way...with a plastic bag...some agression.  Ah....  After 5 mins or so in the oven and some time to cool, I filled it...

 adding in plenty of zest...

and baked it for exactly 17 mins. at 325. 

I probably could have eaten it then without any cooling or topping but I wanted it to look a little fancier than this.  So I took some clues from Emeril Lagasse and did a sour cream and powdered sugar concoction to top it with (but with more powder and less sour).  Sprinkle on some more zest and add a mint sprig and you have yourself a pretty (and pretty easy - well except for that juicing part) Genuine Key Lime Pie! 

I was going to take this to a bbq this afternoon but then the kid started yacking again so we stayed home and now have to eat the whole thing by ourselves.  That's unfortunate...

Isn't that lace runner darling?  Another antique mall find... for $3!  :)

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