Sunday, February 24, 2013

Pink Elephant Baby Shower Cupcakes

I bought this mini elephant cookie cutter a while back without a prospective order, but just because I loved it.  I was so excited to finally get to use it this weekend for baby shower cupcakes.  And how adorable are these?! 

Chocolate with chocolate cream cheese frosting topped with the pink fondant elephants. 
Vanilla Bean with Raspberry butter cream roses.

That's all from this weekend's orders.  Stayed tuned for THREE more next weekend!

Basketball Cake Balls

I occasionally make cake balls, but only for people I really, REALLY like.  This was an order for a friend with three boys and a very tall husband who coaches basketball.  I adore her (and her jewelry) so I obliged.  But not without trying to convince her to go the cupcake route.

Inside was white cake and vanilla almond buttercream. The outside was vanilla flavored candy molds with dark chocolate accents. If you like sugar, you will like these!

They didn't all turn out this nice.  What I should have taken a picture of were the extra ones I put in a container labled "The ones they can throw at each other."  Dipping cake balls is an art that I have not perfected.   Fortunately, I know someone who makes beautiful cake bites!  So I think I'll stick what I do best.  :)

Gender Reveal Cake and Cupcakes

This is the first of two gender reveals so far for this year.  I've only done one before now, but they are so fun!  The parents were also in on the surprise for this one.  Mom delivered an envelope from the ultrasound tech to me a few days before the party.  Can you imagine having to wait that long knowing someone else knows what your baby is?!  I can't.  Of course, I counted down the days to that 20 week ultrasound appointment with both of mine.  And maybe the hours too.  I digress.

 White almond cake, filled with tinted vanilla-almond butter cream.
 A ruffle side, just to add a little more interest since the whole cake was white.
 Will it be a boy???
 Or girl???
Update 3/11/13:  The family sent me pics of the event that they would love to share.  Thanks guys!

I think maybe they want a girl...?
They got her.  The cake was PINK!  :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wedding Tasting

Just a quickie from a tasting this weekend to share with you.  I loved the visual variety of these.  Is that even a thing?  I don't know.  But I hope you enjoy them too!
 Lemon-Raspberry with a yellow fondant daisy.  Perfect for a spring wedding!
 The yellow one in the middle is Vanilla Bean with vanilla-almond butter cream.
 Chocolate with chocolate cream cheese frosting.  Love the contrast of the yellow and brown. 
Chocolate with vanilla-almond butter cream petal flower.  And a little yellow fondant daisy on top.  :)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Baby Girl Baptism Cupcakes

Despite the buckets of snow forecasted for today, it really is a beautiful day for a baptism.  And what better way to celebrate a sweet baby girl than with pretty pink cupcakes?!

I had a hard time letting these leave my table...

 Strawberry cake with white chocolate butter cream and a pink fondant leaf.
 Vanilla bean cake with fresh strawberry butter cream and a fondant flower top.

Congratulations to the happy couple and their precious baby.  I hope you have a SWEET day!