Sunday, February 24, 2013

Basketball Cake Balls

I occasionally make cake balls, but only for people I really, REALLY like.  This was an order for a friend with three boys and a very tall husband who coaches basketball.  I adore her (and her jewelry) so I obliged.  But not without trying to convince her to go the cupcake route.

Inside was white cake and vanilla almond buttercream. The outside was vanilla flavored candy molds with dark chocolate accents. If you like sugar, you will like these!

They didn't all turn out this nice.  What I should have taken a picture of were the extra ones I put in a container labled "The ones they can throw at each other."  Dipping cake balls is an art that I have not perfected.   Fortunately, I know someone who makes beautiful cake bites!  So I think I'll stick what I do best.  :)

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