Monday, June 25, 2012

Gray + Yellow Wedding Cake + Cupcakes

I have so been looking forward to this wedding.  Not just because of the oh so sweet bride, but because the whole design was young and fresh and modern and just a teensy bit shabby chic.  All of my favorite things.  And who doesn't love the yellow + gray combo?  Now grab a coffee and a cupcake and get snuggly for a few minutes because I took a lot of pictures and editing is not one of my strong points.  :)

First up, the cake...
Fresh billy ball flowers on top of a vanilla bean cake filled with homemade strawberry preserves and topped with vanilla almond butter cream.

 Aren't those gray lacey placemats pretty???

 Close up of the meandering detail on the top layer.

Now for the cupcake table...

 If you're going to serve 300+ cupcakes, in this kind of spread, you must have 12' of table.
 I fit all but just over 2 dozen of the cupakes on this table with the various stands.

 An adorable sign the bride's aunt made.  Love it!

They made a chalkboard sign to distinguish the flavor and filling choices of the cupcakes.

And now for close ups of the different cupcake designs... 
*Please remember that I am not very good at food photography where there is no natural light.  So please forgive the brightness of the yellow!

 Huge tower of yellow petal flower cupcakes with a large gray edible sugar pearl in the center.

Monogrammed yellow rose cupcakes (a fondant medallion with an "L" stamped on).

 Another monogrammed cupcake.  And little love birds to mimic the ones the their invitations.

 Love birds.

 And little birds.

 All lined up and ready to be devoured.

Petal flowers in yellow and white.  (Yes,the pearl is a little smudgy on this one but it's the best close up I had.  Though would you have noticed if I hadn't pointed it out?  I stop doing that...)

And just for fun, a couple pics I snapped of their table decorations because they were just too cute!

The cupcakes were time consuming, no doubt, but I'm kind of glad I didn't have to hand dip and decorate and wrap and tie a card around all those pretzels!  ;)

Thank you to D+E and the rest of the family for letting me be a part of such a beautiful day.  It was certainly my pleasure.  Congratulations!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Traditional Baptismal Cake

I don't consider myself to be very least not when it comes to cake decorating.  (I have little confidence in my ability to do consistent shell borders and make a frosted cake look like glass.)  But getting an order for a baptismal sheet cake is pretty traditional.  And for a person who could decorate her own cake if she had the time (and with four kids I imagine there's very little of that to go around)...well the bar was set.  I tried to put my own modern spin on it and I actually liked the border I decided to add last min.  Even the writing (ahh!) didn't turn out half bad.  So see.  I can do cakes after all.  ;)


 Pretty writing and a white chocolate shell - the symbol of baptism.

By the way, this is what a cake is SUPPOSED to look like when you turn the pan - UNlike the first time I tried! 

Theater Birthday Cupcakes

Here's another birthday from this weekend hosted at a local company called "Theater Tales" which teaches the party attendees a play that they then get to perform it in costume!  How neat is that???  The cupcakes were to be theater related.  No easy feat.  I free hand cut the little fondant masks and drew on the eye holes with edible ink marker (they were too small to cut holes into).  The birthday banner was done in a similar way.  The rest of the decorations were cut using mini cutters and lots of pearl dust for shimmer.  The birthday girl specifically requested white almond everything.  So sophisticated!  :)

Dino Cupcakes

Dinosaur cupcakes for a little girl's third birthday.  Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with vanilla butter cream, tinted green for the grass and yellow - the birthday girl's favorite color - for the "3" cupcakes.  Other decorations in fondant with edible ink marker for the eyes. 

(I made him by cutting a triceratops and trimming the horns and adding the free cut spikes in green.) 

 All packed up and ready to go.
Goodbye dinos!