Sunday, June 3, 2012

Traditional Baptismal Cake

I don't consider myself to be very least not when it comes to cake decorating.  (I have little confidence in my ability to do consistent shell borders and make a frosted cake look like glass.)  But getting an order for a baptismal sheet cake is pretty traditional.  And for a person who could decorate her own cake if she had the time (and with four kids I imagine there's very little of that to go around)...well the bar was set.  I tried to put my own modern spin on it and I actually liked the border I decided to add last min.  Even the writing (ahh!) didn't turn out half bad.  So see.  I can do cakes after all.  ;)


 Pretty writing and a white chocolate shell - the symbol of baptism.

By the way, this is what a cake is SUPPOSED to look like when you turn the pan - UNlike the first time I tried! 

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