Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Paul Frank Birthday Cupcakes

They are one of the coolest families I know, so I wasn't surprised when Mom told me their soon-to-be 5 year old was having a Paul Frank Julius Monkey birthday party. 

Not surprised, but a little nervous as to how I would accomplish the task of making fondant Juilius Monkeys!  So I decided for the first time to try cutting them free hand.  I used the monkey on the invitation as a template.  I cut out the different parts (ears, mouth, shape of brown face and shape of black head), placed them on top of the rolled fondant, and traced/cut the pattern with a small, sharp knife.  An exacto would work great for this job.  After a little practice, it actually went pretty smoothly.   I'm sure I'll be using this skill again in the future.

The eyes on the monkeys and the shapes and letters on the other cupcakes were cut with cutters; not free hand!

And how could you have Paul Frank anything without a cherry???  Made out of fondant.

Happy Birthday Fi! :)

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