Monday, May 21, 2012

Yellow and Pink Baby Shower

Pale yellow ducks, pink and yellow buttons, flowers, and bibs, and lots of ruffles make for a cute girl baby shower.  I wish I'd taken more time for photos.  They would have been so adorable all set up on cake stands.  But I barely got these shots in as my client walked in the door!  Oh well.  Hope you enjoy!

 For this shower I made three cakes and three dozen cupcakes.

This is a chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream filling and frosting and fondant decorations.


 This one was a white cake with fresh raspberry butter cream filling and frosting.

This reminds me of my friend Heidi who makes little diaper covers we refer to as "ruffle butts."  Check out her etsy store here.

This is a lemon cake with lemon cream cheese filling and vanilla butter cream frosting.  I used the open star tip and made rows of stars to get this look.  I've never seen it before or tried it out myself.  The mood struck and I just did it.  What do you think???

 Lemon.  Quack.

 You don't need a fancy bib cutter to make these.  I used a large oval cutter and a letter "u" cutter to make these.  Then added the dots with the end of a regular fondant tool. 

 Raspberry flower with fondant button center.

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