Thursday, July 16, 2015

Wedding Cake + More NEWS

I'm happy to have more fun news to share with you! 


Yes I'm still here.  Although I did cut back on taking small orders last fall, I still have my license with the Fargo Health Department and have continued to bake for weddings from the commercial kitchen this summer as promised. It has been a joy to be more focused on the weddings I am committed to, I think my work shows it, and I plan to continue doing summer weddings.  No changes there.

Melissa Dale Photography
Melissa Dale Photography
(Thank you for sharing these with me!  Love them!)

In addition to that...

The lovely state of Minnesota passed a new Cottage Food Law that went into effect July 1st that enables individuals (NOT businesses like Libby's Cupcakes Etc. LLC) to prepare and sell non-potentially hazardous foods (cakes and cupcakes) from home with some restrictions.  I am in the process of registering with the state to be able to do so.  As an individual I am happy to announce that I will begin taking small orders again.

But first...

We are moving!!!  Not far away, just to a different house that is currently under construction.  It will have a beautifully big (medium-ish) kitchen and a larger-than-my-master-closet pantry in which to store and create more fun foodie things!  Woo hoo! However, the taking of small orders from home will not begin until we have unpacked ourselves from the boxes I will surely get lost in in our new home.  I will not be taking orders of any kind (through Libby's Cupcakes Etc. or personally) the entire month of August. 


With the help of my wonderful brother to whom I owe a nice steak dinner and a whole carrot cake, we have created a new website as a platform for showcasing the work I will do from home.  It will not only focus on cakes and cupcakes, but will incorporate my love for design (#libbybuilds), other food that comes out of my kitchen (#libbybakes), and other home life interests.  The biggest difference from this blog will be the section of more personal thoughts on life in general (#libbyblogs).  I'm very excited to expand the ways in which I share stories with you.  Libby's Cupcakes Etc. blog and facebook page will stay up and running.  There is a new facebook page for the new blog and instagram will be transitioning to the new name.  You can always search #libbyscupcakesetc for pictures of wedding cakes if you're interested.

And the new website is.... 

There you go.  New law, new house, new blog.  So much new and good.  I am beyond grateful.

Until next time...
Much <3,

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