Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wedding N+C

I had the honor of baking for the beautiful fall wedding of N+C this weekend.  Their reception was held in the Cityscapes Ballroom at the Radisson in downtown Fargo.  The bridesmaids wore red dresses and carried a mix of roses, dahlias and hypericum berries.  Gold pumpkins and candles adorned the different bars and buffet tables at the reception.  The mix of browns, golds, reds, and burgundies were perfect for a fall wedding.

To accent the decorum, the happy couple chose a vine/leaf theme for the white chocolate cake filled with raspberry butter cream and frosted with vanilla butter cream.  It was wrapped in brown and gold ribbons and topped with fresh dahlias.

Oh, natural light is so pretty on food!  As you'll see for the cupcakes, the spot right above that table, was not so kind, and given my lowly photography skills, I didn't know what to do to compensate...  

They also chose two types of cupcakes to feed their 200+ guests.  The first flavor featured was the carrot cupcake with cream cheese frosting and candied ginger strip topping...how perfect for fall?  I loved the matte gold liners for those too.  The second choice for cupcake flavor was Ghirardelli white chocolate with fresh raspberry butter cream.   Some were topped with white chocolate curls and others with candy raspberries.  Yum yum! 

I have to admit, I was a little nervous setting up for this one.  Even though I arrived an hour and a half before the cocktail hour, there were a handful of people in and out watching as I arranged the cupcakes on the those enormous tiers (which I've decided I NEED!  I got 248 of the 252 cupcakes on there!  Woo hoo!).  One old lad even tried to snatch a cupcake as I was taking pictures!  I've never felt the urge to swat at a hand so badly.  Just kidding of course...or am I?  Anyway, I ran away from there with only a few pictures to share with you.  And of course, I didn't shoot any at home before hand this time. 

In other news, I am STILL waiting on my new camera!!!  So thank you to my friend Heidi again for loaning me your camera....again.  Thanks.  :)


  1. You are OH SO TALENTED! Wish there was a way I could refer you to Weddings in the Cities!