Sunday, April 15, 2012

Airplane 1st Birthday Cupcakes

Here's another one from this weekend.  A little boys first birthday cupcakes in light blue and red, airplanes and stars.  Mom was flexible on design (my favorite kind of client!) so when I threw out the idea of rockets or planes, she jumped on the plane idea...because Dad is in the Airforce.  I love those little details that connect something as simple as cupcakes to real life.  <3

"Happy Birthday" stamped on a fondant banner behind the plane.

Red Velvet cupcake with Cream Cheese frosting.

Chocolate cupcakes with Vanilla Almond butter cream.

In other news, I was asked by the local Small Business Development Center if they could do a short success story in their newsletter on my business.  I was honored.  And then she asked for a picture of me in my business.  Deep breath.  After several pseudo photo shoots, some of which included a party of one (and those never turn out good with no one to smile at),  I finally decided on this one.   

So there ya go.  That was 2/3 of my weekend.  One more post to come later this week, then we're off to California!  I'm excited to get to try Casey's Cupcakes at my friend's wedding next weekend.  She's been on Cupcake Wars.  This will give me something to aspire (or compare?) to.  :)

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