Monday, September 17, 2012

News and Marketing Materials

Big News:  If you haven't already heard, by the end of this year I will be a licensed baker working out of a rental commercial kitchen!  Woo hoo! 

Yes this means my overhead will go up a little bit.  BUT it also means I will be able to advertise, do bridal shows, and fully market myself (not limited to word of mouth business - which has been fantastic by the way and Thank You!) to generate more business to cover some of those extra costs.

I am very excited (and nervous and a tiny bit impatient with a dash of caution but mostly excited) about this new adventure and have spent a good chunk of time the last few weeks fine tuning some new marketing materials.  I have a new logo, thanks to a very talented friend, new business cards, thank you cards, stickers, and other fun stuff to help promote Libby's Cupcakes Etc. LLC. 

Here is just a taste of what's to come...

 Business cards.
 Thank you cards.

...and that's all you're getting for now. ;)

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