Saturday, July 27, 2013

M+B Mountain Wedding Part 2: The rest of that beautiful day.

Now that you've seen the cake and cupcakes, aren't you ready to see the rest of the beautiful wedding?  If not, stop reading now.  :)

The wedding and events prior took place at a place called Sugar Hollow Retreat near the Watauga River in...well, I'm not really sure what "town" it was in. It was pretty remote. When we finally arrived (never trust a GPS) we pulled into The Lodge, above, where we stayed and where the reception took place. There were several other cottages and a conference center along the mountainside of SHR.  And if it weren't for all the rain, we might have even had a chance to hike one of their trails. There was plenty of nature to take in at SHR.  As soon as we pulled in two fawns and two does walked right past us.  We saw several wild turkeys, and their babies, and although no bears were spotted, trash was not allowed outside.  Ever.   It was the perfect rustic backdrop to a simple and beautiful wedding! 

The baker, the bride, and the best lady.  Friday night rehearsal dinner.  <3
 Saturday.  Meet Ann.  Ann is blurry because she never stopped moving.  She was so organized and told everyone what to do, where to find things, and where to put those things.  I wish I had an Ann...
The bar for cocktail hour.
Other side of the bar.
 One of the things I loved most about this wedding is that it was simply beautiful and without obnoxious extravagant stuff!  Almost everything was handmade and put together by friends and family.  Above is the bride's aunt who did all the flower arrangements and lots of the decorating.
The table cloth is up to keep it from getting wet, but here's the table setting.  So simple and so pretty!
 Finally, time for the ceremony...
 ...on the Observation Deck at the top of the mountain at Sugar Hollow Retreat.  There's the Watauga River.
 I almost cry every time I look at these...
As they walked back down the aisle as a married couple, everyone sang "All You Need Is Love."
Hey that's me!  ;)
Now time for the reception...
 As everyone walked in, we stamped our fingerprints and signed by them on this tree.  What a great keepsake for the bride and groom.
Here's a close up from before.  See.  It matches the cupcakes.  *giggle*
Yummy NC BBQ!
 Vintage plates and napkins, non-matchy-matchy.  Mason jars with tags to write your name on.  <3
The view from the reception tent.

And finally...Yes.  There was an actual rainbow.  On their wedding day.  Perfect!

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