Friday, September 9, 2011

Ruffle Cake for Bridal Shower

 I love when my friends/clients say "Do whatever. I trust you." Those words are music to my ears!

I'd been wanting to make a ruffle cake... 

But not completely out of fondant.  And not that Martha Stewart design that every body's doing now.  Not because I don't think it's pretty.  I just...don't like Martha Stewart.'s my version of the ruffle cake for the bridal shower of my October bride, hosted by her lovely sister.   :)

I'd love to make one in all white some day.

The cake was a rich marble cake, the bottom tier covered in chocolate fudge butter cream and the top covered in vanilla butter cream.  This cake was heavy!

The flowers...carnations?...roses?...were made from homemade marshmallow fondant. 

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  1. Looks both DELISH and Beautiful! Never seen a "ruffle" cake before!