Friday, September 30, 2011

Princess Cowgirl

The title says it all doesn't it?  I loved this birthday party theme for a little 2 year old who was described to me as "spunky."  She has a pair of pink cowgirl boots she wears all the time.  I would too, if I had a pair.   :)

The cake is The Ultimate Vanilla Cupcake recipe from the Cupcake Project's website.  I was SO excited the try it so I made extra batter into cupcakes for me.  :)  I've made so many different vanilla cake recipes, but this one really lives up to its name.  I'm so glad someone finally found IT!

The cupcakes are pink velvet with cream cheese frosting.  The tiaras and flowers on the cupcakes were made from candy melts and a squeeze bottle.  I like how they all have their own "personality." 

 The large tiara on the cake is fondant and the boots are fondant covered rice crispy treats with frosting and fondant decorations.  They were a challenge to make for me.  I don't consider myself any kind of sugar artist.  But if I were a 2 year old and saw those on my cake...and was told I could eat them too...well I'd be tickled pink!  (teehee)

If you haven't noticed, I made a "light box" for photographing the cakes at home.  I'm not really sure if I like it.  I'm kind of fond of the wood grain of my table (and even sometimes all the boy clutter) in the background.  I'd love to hear your feedback.  Thanks ya'll!

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