Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wedding M+A

I am excited to share some pictures from the wedding today!   You may recall the post from the tasting we did back in August...well here's the final product!

The cake is white almond with vanilla-almond butter cream and marshmallow fondant flowers.  I don't know why the pictures turned out so yellow here.  They were true to their natural color at home...scroll down...and I tried to fix it digitally, but obviously it didn't work.  So just know that the cake was actually white.  I still have so much to learn about photography!

 Chocolate and white almond cupcakes.  Most with butter cream, a few fancy fondant covered.

 They were displayed on a long candy buffet.  Fun!

 And a few more I took at home...

As takes an a few thank yous: Thank you Jules and Mel for helping with the boys; to Heidi for courageously entrusting your camera to me while I await the arrival of my new one; and last but not least, to the hubs, for being ever so patient with me this week. 

And of course, congratulations to M+A on your nuptials!  Thanks for letting me be a part of it!  :)

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