Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pretty in Pink Cupcake Tasting

I met with a very lovely bride and groom to be this afternoon.  If they are any indication, 2013 is going to be an awesome year for beautiful weddings!  :)  Gosh, I love their style.  Pink and cream and burlap and hints of green...  *sigh*

The cupcakes for the wedding will be slightly different.  They always are and I like it that way!  Something to look forward to.  :)  But this is what they got to taste and view today.  Hope you enjoy!

 The selection.  Four different flavors and a few different icing choices too.
This one was by far my favorite today.  Vanilla bean cupcake with vanilla-almond butter cream.  Topped with a pretty peach fondant carnation.
 I love when cupcakes look like they're at a party and chattin it up.
 Ruffly flower with a pearl center atop a chocolate cupcake and vanilla-almond butter cream.

 Pretty petal flower and roses.
 Lemon cupcake with fresh raspberry buttercream.
 Pink velvet with cream cheese and white chocolate frosting and a chocolate cupcake with white chocolate frosting.  Stamped fondant and fondant flowers.
Almost enough to warm me up on this bitterly cold January day.  Can't wait til May!  :)

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