Monday, March 11, 2013

Gender Reveal

If you follow me on facebook, you might already know that I had two gender reveals this weekend.  As my luck would have it, one was for a baby boy and the other for a baby girl. That meant I had to do two batches of differently colored butter cream frosting AND that after the cakes were filled and ice coated, but before they were decorated, on the exterior they looked EXACTLY the same!  Ahhh!  I had to be VERY careful not to mix them up.  Oh the pressure! 

Anyway, after they were decorated they were quite different.  This one is a white almond cake with vanilla-almond butter cream and a few pink and blue fondant pieces on top.  Sweet and simple.

 A different kind of ruffle-y side.
I use the large Wilton 1M tip and pipe vertical lines of "stars" all the way around.
 Will it be a boy?

Or girl???
This inside of this one was PINK.  A baby girl for the couple's 6th child.  Wow!  :)

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