Friday, August 10, 2012

Cupcake Decorating Birthday Party

I had an idea a little over a year ago about wanting to do a cupcake decorating birthday party where I would bake cupcakes and make frosting, and bring along all the tools to teach kids at a party how to decorate their own beautiful cupcakes.  Then came along a good friend of mine who asked if I could do this for her daughter's 10th birthday (and I'm pretty sure I never shared this idea with her).  Why yes, I'd be delighted!  :)

The birthday girl and her bf.

It. Was. So. Much. FUN!  I loved everything about it.  It was so girly and I just don't get enough of that around here.  And for once in my entire life a 10 year old girl actually thought I was kinda cool.  Ha!  Oh, I think the girls had fun too.  ;)

Upon arriving.

It took quite a bit of preparation to get the different colors of fondant and cutters and rollers and tips and tools and everything required for ten 10 years olds to decorate cupcakes.  But it was well worth it to see all those excited smiling faces ready to learn something new.  After passing it ALL out, we got busy with cutting out our fondant shapes so they'd have a little time to dry before topping the frosted cupcakes. 

Since it's like playing with play dough, this part went fast.  They made so many little toppers and exchanged some so they'd have different colors and shapes.  Lesson #1: Share.  :)

Next I taught them how to fill a pastry bag and do two different types of frosted tops; the classic swirl, and the rose swirl.

 What I wouldn't give to know what she was thinking.  :)

The rose cupcake.

I'm secretly hoping the birthday girl can someday be my protege!

Finally I brought out a ton of different pearls and edible markers and fun stuff for the girls to top their pretty frosted cupcakes with.  They went crazy!

The birthday girl's little brother had a lot of fun too!

Their masterpieces!

Did I mention how much fun this was???  I hope I get to do this again some time soon! 

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