Monday, June 27, 2011

An Attempt at White Chocolate Cupcake + Raspberry BC

I am experimenting this week with some new recipes.  Today I tried a white chocolate cake recipe with fresh raspberry butter cream frosting.  I will be honest and say that they were just okay.  (I'm still waiting on reviews from the lucky taste testers.)

I have tried and failed at making white chocolate cupcakes before.  (All the chocolate, though melted smoothly and well incorporated into the batter, fell and formed a crust at the bottom while baking.  Boo!)  This recipe was much better.  It is from Tracey's Culinary Adventures blog.  (The cake recipe only.)  But for some reason I decided to use vanilla flavored almond milk instead of the regular milk it called for and I think it gave it too much of a nutty, almost meaty flavor.  Oh well. 


For the raspberry frosting, I cooked the raspberries with sugar and lemon juice until liquid-y, strained out the seeds, and added the cooled liquid part to regular butter cream frosting.  I was surprised at how well the frosting held together with the cooked raspberries as opposed to the fresh. (Too much fresh berry puree + frosting = one runny, clumpy mess. Another Booo!). 

In the end, they weren't so bad.  The raspberries on top certainly helped.  But I wish there was more white chocolate flavor in the cake part, and more raspberry in the frosting part.  They sure do look pretty though huh?   ;)

P.S.  Later this week, look for some Chocolate Nutella cupcakes, Coconut baby shower cupcakes, and maybe, just maybe, original Summer Shandy 4th of July cupcakes???  Ooooooh! 


  1. They look great! Scott says tall people like cupcakes ;)

  2. That's the best comment yet! I will hopefully have some on hand this weekend if we see you guys out! :)