Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dark Chocolate Cake + Nutella BC

If there is chocolate cake in Heaven, I think this has to be it.  This frosting is DIVINE!  I know, Nutella is a prepared food and that kind of goes against my principles, but...sigh.   My love affair with Nutella began in high school French class when Mme Miller would have one student bring french bread and another bring a jar of the good stuff and let us eat it after tests on Fridays.  She was a good one.  Then at The French Crepe Co in the old Farmers Market at The Grove in Los Angeles, my passion was further cemented with their Nutella, bananas and whipped cream crepes....oh I want to go there now!

Or wrap this in a crepe and top it with a few banana slices and fresh whipped cream....yummmy!

I digress.  These are dark chocolate cupcakes.  The recipe is adapted from Sarah Magid's Easiest Chocolate Cake recipe in the book Organic and Chic.  Excellent book! Check it out.  This is a great base recipe that is so easily changeable.  I have substituted all sorts of things in it and it has never failed me....except when I did it in the mixer and it got too runny and didn't rise well.  But it's so simple it's a breeze with nothing but a whisk and a bowl. And the best part is, no eggs.  You can eat the batter guilt-free!

The frosting is a half a jar of Nutella, a stick of butter, about 1tsp of vanilla, some Vanilla Almond Milk (yes I dared to try it again even after the minor set back yesterday), and some powdered sugar.  This is honestly how I operate with frosting.  Just mix some things together until it tastes great and looks beautiful.  There's no chemistry so who needs measuring spoons???

Another great use for clean egg cartons.  Easy transport for minis!

I took these minis and yesterday's white chocolate/raspberry minis to a bbq tonight and these were gone first!  (Although no raspberry ones made it home either.)  I couldn't decide what to top them with so I did some with coffee beans, some with chocolate sprinkles, and some with a Pampered Chef caramel topping someone gifted me.

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