Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hockey Cupcakes

Saturday was a busy day for our house.  After the Silly Monsters Class in the morning, we entertained seven preschoolers plus a big brother in celebration of our youngest son's 5th birthday...

A month late. 

Poor kid.  If I could permanently change his birthday to January instead of "right after Santa comes" I would. 

Our not-so-little-anymore boys started playing hockey this year (despite my thoughts on the matter) and as it goes, our life has become one big hockey tourney.  Including this birthday party.  As one parent said to me recently "Well, you're in now!" Yup.  But at least I can still make awesome hockey cupcakes while I'm at it.

Fondant NHL jerseys were cut and drawn on free hand with edible ink markers. 
The "M"s are for the league the boys play in.  The birthday boy picked the hockey stick colors.

A mini Oreo as a "puck."  I had all intentions of dipping it in dark chocolate but I was parenting solo most of the week and...well...nobody killed each other and everyone was fed and bathed.  Mostly.  Plus, no one cares anyway!  ;)

"Our" favorite teams - MN Wild and Carolina Hurricanes.
And a Stanley Cup for the birthday boy.

Finally, I will leave you with this.  While I am reluctant to admit my status as "hockey mom," I do kind of want this shirt....


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