Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lavender Rustic Wedding Cake and Cupcakes

It's cold outside.  So why not warm up by thinking about beautiful, country chic weddings?

I don't know why I never posted this one.  Wait.  I do.  It's because I did way more baking than blogging in the summer of 2013.  And this wedding is one of my favorite's.  The venue was the lovely Rustic Oaks and styling was done by the equally as lovely Rustic Trunk.  I'm so glad I get to work with these two fabulous businesses.  Not only will you (hopefully) be inspired with desserts in this post, check out these displays!

The cake with hand made fondant roses and carnations.
Meander piping on the bottom tier and satin ribbon on both.

Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate cream cheese frosting, lavender sugar pearls and fondant carnations and monogram stamped medallions.

Mocha cupcakes and fondant carnations.
How adorable are these?!  Scale and stands from Rustic Trunk.

Lemon-Raspberry cupcakes with a new flower design I was working on.

Cupcakes in/on an old wooden crate = rustic love!
Now who's looking forward to summer?
Me!  I am!  ;)

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