Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Food Fotos

Starting this blog made me realize how important good photographs are for showcasing food.  Thanks to some encouragement from friends, I convinced myself that with lots of research and practice I could become my own food photographer. 

The good news is this gave me an excuse to bake - I mean, I needed something to photograph right? - and try a new yellow cake recipe.  The recipe needs some work, it didn't rise as much as I'd like and the bottoms were greasy - I hate that!  But the flavor was very good so I'll keep at it.   

The bad news is food photography is not as easy as it may seem!  I think I did alright for my first try.   I took A TON of pictures and still had to adjust the brightness on these (it was cloudy out today though).  And note to self, never ever ever, under any circumstances, use green cupcake liners when photographing cupcakes!  Never!  And on that note...

The collection.
p.s. the background to these is the pillowcase that goes with my new quilt top mom and I made while I was back home.  Some day I'll get it quilted and post pics of it too.

I love Paula Deen!  She reminds me of my mom.  They talk the same and they both have little regard for how much butter goes into things.  When it comes to baking at least, I couldn't agree more.  I got these picks on clearance at Michels, made my Paula Deen.

I've been trying the "rosette" technique for frosting cupcakes.  It's done exactly the opposite of how I normally do the cupcake swirl.  Whaddya think?

I didn't take that many angled shots, but they are the ones that turned out the best.  So keep tilting your head.  We're almost done.

That's all y'all!  ;)

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  1. Cute! I really like the angles you used on some of them!

    Check out

    maybe you can try one out before investing or even rent for each event? If we lived closer I'd let you borrow mine to try out- but I think it would be a great investment for your photos ;)